Please help with choosing a right LED.


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I have a 40b and I'm looking to replace my 2 T5's with LEDS.
Looking at Ocean revive t247 setup, or should I go with Current USA 24-36"?
havr the $$$ for both, but would really love ur guys' input.


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I love my Aqua star leds from ebay I have three fixtures on one of my 180 and I had to turn them down a lot. Too intense. Great coverage. You can adjust blues/purples/green separate from whites/others so you can adjust color temperature. Surprisingly happy! Was suggested to me by another hobbyist who has four on a 300 gallon and grows everything under them.

If you buy 3+ email seller nd they'll cut a deal (although at 98 dollars each it's already a steal)


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What are you planning on putting in your tank? Mushrooms just need low light.

This is my mushroom tank and used a $30 par38 bulb from amazon. Tank is 14"x14"x14"

This light can handle zoas and acans as well. Unless you are doing sps, save your money on leds.