Please help with Xenia corals turning white and shriveling up!!


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Hello, I recently purchased an established saltwater tank that came stocked with Xenia. About a week ago the xenia has started to shrivel, and turn whitish.

please, with my problem: Xenia coral bleaching and shriveling up

Size of tank: 45g with live rock and live sand
Age of tank 1 year
Skimmer: Hydor Slim SKim
nitrate:20, a little high after moving the tank,
ammonia: 0
temperature: 78-80
Water source {ro, ro/di, tap} ro/di
Salinity: [eg, 1.024] 1025
Alkalinity: [eg, 8.3] 8.4
Lights [mh/T5/LED, other] LED panorama pro, 2 modules,
Calcium: [eg, 420] unknown
Magnesium {eg, 1500] unkown
Dosing?[list other additives used, if any]
Specimen dipped [in what] or quarantined or previously treated?

Tank also has frogspawn coral and mushrooms that are doing great. It has 2 clown and a watchman goby and a couple shrimps and cuc. Thanks for the input.

The tank has 2 clowns, a yellow goby and a couple shimps and cuc.


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Xenia are a tricky coral to diagnos. From my experience, a mature tank is preferred and higher than average nutrients present. When they are in the correct & preferred environment, they will grow like gang-busters. With this also being said, once they are in decline, it is difficult to reverse the course. Personal experience with this coral.


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Xenia are strange. I skim and cant stop them from growing, I actually have to throw them away, but I have a friend with a tank with no skimmer and they look fine, but are not growing at a rapid rate.

So in some cases I think its the nutrients, while I feel they like high lighting and flow as well. I have read they like iodine, but I personally have never dosed that and wouldn't recommend it unless you can test for it.

How old are the bulbs and are the Xenia in about the same place they were?


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mine grow like weeds i cut them and feed them to my lta.want some if youres die.i use a airstone skimmer i dont like overskimmed water pluss i only keep a couple sps and never had problem


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I am new to soft corals and my xenia are doing the same thing! They were growing like crazy and split several times in the first couple weeks. This past week they started looking shriveled and white and they aren't waving their hands as much. I did a 10 gallon water change out (55 gallon tank) and have wondered if that bothered them. My nitrates, nitrite and ammonia are at 0, salinity is a little low at 1.024 (but figure it will come up gradually over the week). Any ideas as to why it would change so quickly??


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mine did the same thing....waving away all pretty day closed, next day really shriveled,and progressively worse...went from a 5" tall frag to a nub, i plucked it all off, and will try again later...not sure what happened leathers and kenyas and colts are all doing fine...


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I have had one kind of xenis do fine and another melt away for no appearant reason. Both I have had for many months. I have pom/pom, and red sea doing fine. My common tan xenia just croaked after months of growth.

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Really? I head they don't actually have mouths. Although I've heard that the pulsing may help them absorb nutrients.

Yeah I've heard that too, but it still has never failed to help establish Xenia for me. Probably just dirties the water. Also, I find that I don't have to dose it after the Xenia establish.