Please identify my clam


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I think my clam is a crocea. People have suggested it is a squamosa. It is an aquacultured clam. What species do you think it is.



Thanks for the identification. I did not think that the squamosas were colorful. I hope it does not outgrow my tank.
It is a very beautiful and rare coloration of a T. squamosa. he will grow fast. Much faster and ended up much larger than a Crocea. Where did you get him and how much did he cost?
I paid $30 dollars for it. It was about 2 inches long when I bought it and was connected to a round cement disk thing. I got it at the green tree pet center in Clarksville Indiana.
very nice clam. Croceas can have some really nice colourtion, I have a bright purple one that is a deep blue from above.
Very sweet clams. I have 2 squamosas that touch the feeder tentacles of a wellsophyllia brain every night. The clams do not seem bothered at all.

According to Daniel Knop, corals don't sting clams but I was still a bit wary until I woke up one day and the elegance had its tentacles all over the clam. It has been that way for almost a month and doesn't seem to bother the clam at all.
Beautiful Clam. If it out grows your tank don't worry I think I could find room for it...hehehe