Please read the stickies Thank you RC members!!!!


Go Canada!!!!
I want to thank RC and all the fabulous people here for the support we have received.
This past fathers day I started my first reef aquarium. Honestly I did not have a clue. My wife and I embarked on this journey because we both liked the idea a lot. We stood in the LFS and looked around"¦"¦. wow"¦"¦we then decided to go home and do some research online. Google is MY friend.

I found RC and decided to join. I looked at a bunch of things and was over whelmed. Then I was directed to the stickies.:dance:

I cannot begin to tell anyone that listens how important doing your homework is.
I am not trying to be critical but this hobby is very involved and before you go wasting money and time really do your homework.


Thank you RC members we couldn't have done it without you


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I agree. I spent a month on here reading and slowly buying equipment and Im going to finally start cycling this week. Im quite sure it will pay off.