Please Recommend Some Plyboard


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Can any of you master woodworkers recommend a grade of plyboard where one could finish the board and have a stand that doesn't show the grain (such as MDF)?


Any wood can be finished to not show the grain. The trick is in the, well, finish!

Can you provide more detail about your project and desired results?
depends on what kind of finish you want. if you want a stain, than mdf will not work for you. and i'd be leery about using mdf anyway, it doesnt hold screws or nails well and you get some swelling with any exposure to moisture. to avoid that you'd want to paint/seal all six sides of any panel.
If you're looking for something with not much visible grain, I'd just go with a birch or maple plywood. The grain will be visible, but since its not open grain like oak it wont be as prominent, especially if you're painting it.
You can certainly finish any of those products to not show the grain. It just takes proper sanding and priming. :)
Any deep grained wood can have the grain filled to prevent it from showing through. Visit a good woodworking shop and ask for grain filler though any wood filler can be diluted to accomplish this. I would agree with birch as a choice with minimal grain to fill.

I did at one time entertain using MDF as the construction material (the ease of finishing the material with the exception of the edges) was appealing. But, with research the properties of the material made me think differently (especially with the application of water/salt etc., mind). I am now looking for some plyboard that is strong and can be finished with less headache to have a smooth satin finish like the Amano style stands.

Thanks for all suggestions!