Please suggest me soft corals


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Hi all,

My tank is up for more than 8 months now, tank details are there in my signature.

I want to add some soft corals in my tank, hard corals are totally banned in my country. Can you please suggest some colorful and easy ones to start with?


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Thanks for replying.

Can you please suggest which one to start with?

Recently I got some rocks with brown polyps embedded on. They are doing OK for last one month now, did not die and I think I saw them growing on other parts of the rock as well.

Well, with polyps, I have got some aiptasia as well.


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mushrooms are easy and spread fast. Probably the easiest coral to keep. They will grow in almost any kind of lighting.


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Capnella (kenya tree)
Sarcophyton (toadstools)
xenia sp (some may argue these aren't the easiest, but they are a founder coral and I have found quite tolerant and easy in multiple systems).
Palyotha and Zoanthids (I find the paly's a lot easier and grow faster, but that may just be my tanks).
Briarium (brown or green star polyps).

Your tank info doesn't mention lighting.


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Rhodactis shrooms, discosoma shrooms, not soft exactly but zoas and palys are pretty easy, toadstool leathers, nepthea, colt coral, finger leathers, anthelia, xenia, brairium, colt coral, star polyps are some good starters.


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My personal favorite are zoas and palys - huge variety, can be cheap to get and relatively easy to grow and control (thinking of xenia, which I also like, easy to grow, but NOT easy to control - can become a nuisance quickly.)


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What corals do YOU like?
Its your tank..
Any softie is going to be fine.. Its 100% personal preference..

Personally I'd avoid corals like xenia/anthelia/green star polyps as they can grow fast and take over.. But if YOU like that then fine..


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Check out Leathers! My tank came with 7, I now have 12. They are super hardy, can live off light, grow fast,and super easy to frag. Palys be careful... They look cool and spread relatively fast. They are hard to remove and can be dangerous. Check out paly toxin if you get em.


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Well, thanks to all for replying.

I have updated light information in signature.

I will start with some mushrooms then, I will post a pic of the current polyps I have for a proper identification.