Please suggest some affordable lighting for my 90 FOWLR


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I have a 90 gallon tank which has devolved into a fish only with live rock, as I have not spent time maintaining it. It is about 7 years old, and the current lighting is an Elos Aquatop LED. I like this top because it has 2 LED strips, one blue, one white, which in the past provided enough light for most corals. It also has the benefit of having glass lids in the front and back, which keep fish from jumping. It has a nice low profile look, and does not stand out in the room.

Unfortunately, most of the white lights have now burned out, so I am left with only a couple of white and all blue, so the tank does not look good. I tried to get replacement LED strips, but I cannot find any. If anyone knows a source, please let me know!

So it seems I need to get new lighting. What can any of you suggest that meets the following criteria:

-Fits a 47" tank with good stability. I don't want to worry that it would fall into the tank.

-Not too expensive. <$500 would be good, cheaper would be great

-Low profile. The tank base is white, so something white or silver would be far preferable to black. And not too ugly or high above the water, in order for it to be acceptable to my wife's taste :)

-Sufficient for fish, but maybe for some corals if I decide to put effort in again. Does not need to be SPS-level good.

-A lid/top would be a bonus, but I know it is unlikely

-Good quality, not a fire hazard. No-name made in China cheap lights won't work.

Thanks everyone!