Please Suggest Some Corals


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Please suggest some brightly colored corals that will suit my set up. :) I have 2.5 watts per gallon of T5 lighting. See my signature for a list of corals that I already have. I am picking up a green Branching Hammer, a green with pink tips Frogspawn, and some bright blue mushrooms soon. Red, orange, blue, yellow...they all sound great! Please let me know if there are any cautions or concerns regarding any corals you mention! :D


Here's a photo from yesterday:

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Sounds like you've yet to get sucked into the zoanthid world... I think you should get some nice zoa morphs.


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^ Those are the nicest zoos I have ever seen!!! I never really liked them, but those are gorgeous!! :D

I want to keep a few Montis tho, so I want to keep the chemical warfare down, Zoos are bad for chemical warfare aren't they?? I've been tossing the idea of a leather around, but I can't decide since leathers are supposed to be bad with the chem warfare too. Someone's already battling it out in there as it is!! Not sure who's to blame...

Thanks guys! Keep bringing the suggestions! :D


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Thanks, the coloration is what sold me on that frag.

what about some nice Ric's?
here is one from Pacific East aquaculture


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Nope. Also, I have some of those zoas pictured above, and they seem to be co-existing happily with other zoas, mushrooms, ricordia, leather, and many more!

I think some montipora capricornis would look nice in there. In my experience, they often don't require as much light as other SPS corals.


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^ Yes, I've heard this as well! A Monti digi and Monti cap are both in the plans as well. :D


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thanks, not mine though.... here is a better pic of those Fire and Ice Zoa's that I took tonight....



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Rics and zoas would do great in your tank.

Personally, i think you need more light for montis.

Heres a couple more color examples for you. The choices are endless with rics and zoanthids




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here are actually 2 great starter corals.

the Turbinaria reniformis (scroll coral) is that pretty yellow mustard plating one, the surrounding it is a brown Montipora digitata-type that is more of an encruster. very hardy, wide flow/light range, pretty....
neither really fight with anything, but can be victimized by other things.

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Awesome! Thanks everyone!

Ya, I may not have enough light for Montis , but I'll try out a small frag and see how it does. If it's not looking good I know plenty of people who would happily take it off my hands! :D I have also been considering adding 2 more T5s...


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Here are some Rainbow yuma Ricordea that I picked up today. There's probably 20 rics on the rock. :D needless to say It's my new show piece for the 7g, and will be moved into my 120 once its up.... I moved everything around so the tank is a little cloudy. Sorry some of the pics aren't great, I'm working on it. :D









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Myka ~ Your PM box was full. The coral you asked me about is a lobophyllia. They can do well in lower light conditions.

Here is another pic of it for you:


Here are some more red colored lower light demanding corals:

Blastomussa merletti ~ tend to be quite hardy and fast growers:


Echinophyllia ~ come in all kinds of colors and can be a good growers if fed regularly: