PLEASE take a sec and give me some help!!TY


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Same thing happened to last bta.

Bought bta a month ago was doing great but now this happened.It always opened and closed but never has it opened its mouth like this. 2 Mh 175watt.nitrates at 20.1025 sil.Euro reef 135 skimmer.Tank 8 months old.55 gallons.Could it be thats my bulbs are ready to be replaced?:headwalls:IMAG0320-1.jpg
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a pwc may help. he might not like trates at 20. has he been moving around your tank or sticking to one spot?


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hmmmm do a big water change? maybe there's something in the water its not liking? if its mouth is huge like that it means stress so it might be the water. idk about the MH bulbs because i have no knowledge or experience with them. i thinking its the water condition because ive had bubble tips under my compact florescent lights and do fine under them. good luck bro i know how it feels to lose nems :(


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Big water change, 25% today, wait two days, another 25%, run carbon, check your alkalinity, and if you get new bulbs (you should) you need to reduce your photoperiod to 4 hours and increase by 30 minutes a day until back to normal.