Please tell me if my sps are okay thanks


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Hi guys I'm no expert with sps but I bought a frag pack I'm new to sps so just wondering if this was normal on a couple of my corals I have these little brown hairs all over them I'm really sorry I don't know the species but I have took a picture there like little bunches of hairs scattered is this new growth


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I don't know what you mean by little brown hairs and rally can't see much from the pictures.


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Hmm - if what you mean by the "little brown hairs" the fuzzy-looking specks on your coral, those are individual corallites. A "coral" in the macro sense is an assemblage of colonial animals, the individuals of which are corallites. If you google "corallites" and select the "images" tab, you'll pull up several diagrams that will help explain.


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Sorry not very good at explaining! I guess it's the certain species because some are full of colour but the green one in the picture just has these tiny little specs all over it that are actually brown bundles of tiny haired which move around I guess these must be the corralites you speak off

Lights are 2 ever grow 2080 UVX and are on 11 hours a day atm ? Max I've allowed them to ramp up to us 70 percent atm was just wondering if I was doing something wrong


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Hard to tell anything from the first picture but the second, I agree, looks like corallites to me. Supposed to be like that.