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Let me start by saying hello. I have posted once b4 but never did say hi!

I am wondering what others think of using a plenum in reef tanks? I have done a little research into them and am hoping to get some feed back.
Maybe you have one your self and maybe you don't. Still love to hear what you think!

Thank You


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I don't personally know anyone still using them. Its seems overly complicated and unnecessary to me.

I would agree. Skimmer, live rock and shallow sand bed with very good flow and macro algae still works great and is a time proven method that works for the majority. Other methods can work but may be more time consuming and demanding.


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Careful, heading into religious territory here ;)

One of my local LFS really pushes the plenum method, so there are people out there who are doing it but from what I've been able to read there isn't a much evidence that they are worth the trouble. I think you are better off going with a deep sand bed, or shallow/barebottom (with a remote DSB in a bucket or resin media reactor if you worry about nitrates).