Pliers to crush keyhole limpets? Anything eat them?


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My tank must have 100s of keyhole limpets and I would like to control the population so that I may try SPS coral.

I struggle to crush them while on the glass (actually seems impossible) What about needle nose pliers? I'm just worried the pliers have a petroleum lubricant / grease that I wouldn't want in the tank. Any other suggestions? Maybe a fragging tool? Some of the smaller limpets are tiny and I have no idea how I would get a needle in their holes. I have a Dragonette so I can't get a Wrasse because I need my copods. Does anything else eat limpets that won't eat my dragonet or copods?

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I have quite a few, and my tank is 95% SPS. I've never had a problem with them. I consider them a good addition.

Keyhole limpets are in essence herbivorous, feeding primarily on algae, but are also detritus feeders. A few species in the genera Diodora and Emarginella are carnivorous, feeding on sponges. Puncturella has been reported to digest diatoms and detritus. Puncturella aethiopica feeds mainly on Foraminifera.[6]