plug in gfci one for wall or one for each socket on powerstrip?


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I'm using a GFCI adapter for a non-gfci wall-socket, something like this:

<img src="">

Do I just need one to plug into the wall and then plug my powerstrip into it, or do I need one for each socket on the powerstrip?

I know its a dumb question but I am not an electrician and I don't understand how gfci works, just that it can save a life.


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You want the GFCI plugged directly into the wall socket and the powerstrip plugged into that. You do not want to plug in independent GFCIs into each receptacle of the power strip.



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If you can afford it you could put one in each outlet. I personally would use two and put a power strip on each. Then divide your life support between the two.

If you only use the one and run everything off the power strip, what happens if/when it trips? You will have a dead tank.