Plumbing a return for my 75 gallon


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What is the best setup for a 75 gallon return?? I am reading up on triple returns and so on but am not sure what to go with. My return pump is a PanWorld 50PXX-MD30X External Water Pump - 1110gph .
Model 50PX-X - equal to Iwaki MD30X Circulation rated
1110gph max flow
13 foot max head pressure
90 watts
1" MPT in/out
Footprint 5 x 10

Can anyone please help me choose what is best for my tank? I plan to add quite a bit of live rock and corals, few fish. I have some diagrams of what I thought might be good.

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Hi Billy,

Check out my sig. I have plumbed 4 3/4" hoselok nozzles and they are working good. Not much flow out of them because i had to turn the valve down to silence the drain but if i ever want to upgrade my pump i'm golden. Simple to do aswel!



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This is probably the best diagram I have seen so far in what i plan to do. Thanks for the link to your build. I don't have a basement but plan to run my top off on my back porch that is heated. So adding 4 would be fine with my pump? I'm very new and reading up on this nightly. I am building a stand into my wall to help hide extras in the future. For now its on a 75 gal stand and have little space to work with. I even thought about taking the window out of the back porch and putting the tank where it was and use the corner of the porch as you are with your basement. The tank I have is drilled in the back and painted black so I plan to hold off till I find one that can be drilled from the bottom. Just thought it would look better than what i have now. Thanks again for the fast response and very detailed web page.