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Below are several pics of my new 42 gal reef tank. The plumbing is dry fit at this stage so changes could be made. Any observations or suggested improvements would be greatly appreciated.

Overflow is Fiji Cube 1200 gph Low Profile and sump is Fiji Cube Advanced 20.

The plumbing is on the left outside of the aquarium because the back of the aquarium and stand are visible from the entry area of the house (so I want the back clear) and the left side is close to a wall where it won't be very visible. Also, I would like the plumbing very accessible.

Many thanks in advance.


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Vinny Kreyling

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Looks good to me.
1 thing, you might have to raise the full siphon drain on the overflow. It looks like you will have a lot of drain down. Make sure to check it before fully filling the sump.