Plumbing questions


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I'm going to be re-plumbing my tank soon and moving the sump (which is still to be built) into my utility room. Its going to be about a 14 ft run of PVC before all is said and done. With the help of folks here, I have identified the new pump I will use for the return. My question now goes to the actual plumbing.

I have a 140 Oceanic reef-ready with dual overlfows. I don't want to run separate pvc feeds for in/out. The overflows are either 1" or 1.25" and the inputs are 3/4". The plan at this time is to do a combination using a T for both under the stand.

I plan on running 1" from the pump and then doing the split to 3/4 with a 1 - 3/4 T-Pvc. I had also planned on doing a 2" overflow drain using the same method. This would mean two pvc pipes running to the utility room and through the wall instead of 4.

Is the T the best way to split/combine these? Or do you guys have other recommendations based on experience doing something similar?