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I know this wouldn't be the most efficient way to set up a SPS and an LPS separately due to water likes, etc., but how much trouble am I looking at if I connect the two tanks (125 and 120) with piping between sumps and force flow through each. My reasons are space related, primarily (noise weighs in, too). I figure I could upgrade my MR2 to an MR3 to handle the entire system. Then, with a nice sized calcium reactor, I could maintain both systems with one set of controls. The chiller is 1/2HP, so I think it would do fine on the entire system. I have another chiller I may add as a redundancy if the big chiller can't keep the temp down, but I think the 1/2HP will be fine. Water changes would be larger volume, but out of one tank instead of two. My main reason for wanting to build separate systems (aside form the way a 250-300 gallon tank sounds to the CFO) was to put lower light over the LPS tank, as they don't currently appreciate the beams they get know. I figure it'll add to the amount of drainage space in the sumps, too, as they'd be tied together. I could always separate them if needed, but what negatives would I be getting myself into? Assume all corals/fish are strictly quarantined to reduce the possibility of added predators/diseases.


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Gary, so, you are planing on only having them together at the sump area? of this is true, then I would worry about flow. what you could do is drill towards the top of each and put in say a 1 or 2" bulkhead and connecting pipe. this creates a bit of fale safe if you have a pump die to one of hte tanks it does not overload the other.

I dont think I would worry aobut inter water mixing as for the corals sake. the LPS should be fine and dandy with the higher quality SPS water.


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I meant to respond to this a couple of days ago and forgot:rolleyes:
Seeing as how you are going to use DSB's in both I don't see it being a problem. Running carbon and your skimmer should help alleviate any problem that might arise for allelopathy etc.... Also having the water from the sps tank turnover faster than that from the other will probably help keep the sps water a bit cleaner and the other a bit "dirtier".