Polyp ID (Orange with tentacles)


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Yea I would say its either a Majano or Aiptasia. Both are pests and will multiply quickly, so you should get rid of it now. Majanos can be removed with tweezers. Aiptasia you can inject with boiling water using a syringe.


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The shot is a bit fuzzy, try taking another one....actually two, one open and one closed. Maybe a cup coral?


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Thanks for all of your help! I think you might be right about it being a solitary cup coral. I found this picture online when searching to see what one looks like and this looks exactly like what I have http://www.livingseaimages.com/photo/pages/109U09.bio.html

I'll try to get another picture of it closed.

Also appreciate the posts regarding Aiptasia anemone's ... I have them and had no idea I needed to get them out!