Polyps question

Jim Cannon

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I have a 12G Nano. Deluxe

I have a few frags of Yellow Polyps, and some Button polyps.

I also have a rock with Green Star polyps.

I have some Xenia also.

The Xenia is thriving, so is the Green Star. My mushrooms while not thriving, aren't shrinking either. They are just there.

However my Yellow and Button polyps are slowly disappearing.

My water tests show no problems. Please don't ask what they are as I am at work and that info is not available.

Should I add something? They are in direct lighting.

LS is 2 clowns, one watchman goby, one cleaner shrimp, typical cleaner crew of snails and hermits.

Thanks in advance for your help.



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If they are the yellow polyps with long skirts I use to have a problem growing them also. Everything checked out ok but they kept shrinking. I started to add zooplankton and they started to do better. I now have them in my sons nano 18g and they are spreading. Not sure if thats your problem but adding a couple drops of plankton wont hurt. Goodluck.



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I had some yellow polyps in a 12 gallon on the sand and they looked pretty bad. I moved them up on top to get more light and now they look great.

Jim Cannon

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*makes a note*

Buy zooplankton and move them to the top of the rocks.

I can do that! I got a $25 gift card for V-day to my local Petco.


Thanks guys.