Pool water got into aquarium


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Hey guys,

I own a reef system that's about 90 gallons in total. My brother had a friend over today to swim in our pool and when he came back into the house from the pool, he stuck his fingers in the tank that were wet with pool water to feel a coral that was at the top of the tank. I told him to get his hand out almost immediately and he took it out.

Can the amount of pool water that was on his hands cause severe issues with my tank? We put chlorine in the pool occasionally. Should I put some tap water dechlorinator in my tank?

Thanks in advance


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I wouldn't worry too much. Remember that the solution to pollution is dilution. This holds especially true in a small closed system like our tanks.

And I have a simple rule - if you're too stupid to keep your hands out of my tank you're too stupid to be in my house. What's next - a light socket to feel the tingle???


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as the others have said, i wouldn't worry. though now might not be a bad time to look in to getting a lid. helps discourage curious George's.


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A small sign on the rim: Hazard. Venomous fish and corals. Do not breathe air near tank.


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Yep. Also run carbon and Polyfilter. Might take care of any suntan lotion or dirty hands.


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If your ever worried again!
Always do immediate water change to negate or buffer any negative effects
Only if he dumps a cup of pool water into the tank. Wet fingers won't crush your tank.


Yep. Also run carbon and Polyfilter. Might take care of any suntan lotion or dirty hands.

This combination also takes care of things like a flashlight dropped in the sump by a kid, even when the batteries leaked for minutes before finding it. Don't ask how I know [emoji28]