Pop-eye in Emperor Angel


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My Emperor angel seems to have pop-eye.

I say "seems to" as most of the posts and information I find talks about the eye being swollen and cloudy.

My fish only has it in one eye. The eye has a silver ball in it which is just a reflection of the air bubble.

The eye started swelling Thursday last week and today the bubble is bigger that ever. I did a water change the Monday before and this does stir up the water a lot and I suppose there was small bubbles in the tank.

Has anyone had this before?

If the eye was cloudy or showed signs of infection I would medicate the tank. However, I see no cloudiness and it is only one eye. I can still see the eye perfectly behind the bubble.

The other eye is perfect.

The fish is still swimming ok. Appetite is depressed but it does feed a bit. It usually is a voracious feeder but I had a case of white spot a few months back and it stopped eating for a couple of weeks and then was back to normal.

The fish is very fat and I'm not too concerned at this time about the lack of eating.

Do anyone know what can be done for this or should I just leave it and hope it will sort itself out?

Here is a couple of pic's