Porcupine Puffer Romaine lettuce??!!??


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About 4 months ago I was out with my kids at our LFS and we came across an adorable 10 inch porcupine puffer that had been donated a couple of days before. We all agreed to adopt the puffer. I asked what the previous owner had feed him and they told me krill. Long story short, I quickly realized that there was 99% chance that his previous owner was feeding him live food. This was confirmed when he picked off my Percula clown, Fire goby and engineer goby. Over the next two months I tried: Hikari frozen krill, San Francisco Bay frozen krill, freeze dried krill, PE mysis, Bloodworms, Silversides, fresh chopped clam , Fresh shrimp, & squid from the supermarket. I soaked everything in garlic, then without it. Used feeding tongs and even tried to hand feed him. He literally ate nothing for 2 months. My wife wanted me to either give him back to the LFS or euthanize him cause he wasn't eating, he had eaten 3 fish that had been in our tank for years and was limiting what we could add to the tank in the future. Plus, I had spent a small fortune on food and additives trying to entice him to eat. So we agreed to give it 2 more weeks and if he didn't eat we'd give him back to the LFS. Then out of nowhere as if he heard the conversation , the next day it just clicked and he ate a ton of krill and has been eating everything I feed him and I swear he's growing. Then yesterday he pooped and it was all green. I feed my Emperor Angel and Tangs romaine daily so I thought maybe I missed something and it was one of them and not the puffer who pooped. But today I actually saw him rip the lettuce of the clip and eat it. So not only is he now a good eater and tankmate he may now be considering becoming a vegetarian? Has anyone seen a porcupine puffer eat lettuce/nori before?