Possible damage?


In Memoriam
I noticed this on my crocea today. And not sure what it is. The flesh looks whole, not ragged. It just looks translucent. To date I haven't seen any of the fish nipping at it. (sailfin tang, neon wrasse, 2 true clowns). It's very small and can be seen most easily in the middle of the first pic. The clams behavior is as normal. Any ideas?
Hmm. Looks like something might have stung her... But it doesn't look too serious.. Keep an eye on it, if it gets larger it's a problem... If not it should definetly heal.. Looks like some sort of cut or sting to me...
Thanks lebowski. It could have happened during my recent intown move. I tried to keep it isolated from the other corals I had in the moving container, but they probably did come in contact. I'm keeping a close eye on it.