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Okay, so I have pretty much completely changed my stocking list for my 180 gallon, 6 foot tank. It will be a fowlr with about 150-180 pounds of live rock. According to the Drs. Foster and Smith website I should not exceed 59 total of inches of fish for this size tank. My current plan for stocking is:

1 Blonde Naso Tang- 18"
1 Bicolor Angelfish- 6"
2 Clownfish - 7"
1 Pinkface wrasse-7"
1 Saddleback butterflyfish (semi-aggressive) -9"
1 Blue tang: 12"
Total inches = 59
Do you think that the other fish will pick on the clownfish? Also, do you think that the naso and blue tang will have issues getting along? Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.


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I would post this to "check your intended purchases here" with Steve in this forum.

Steve will tell you longer than a 6ft tank for a naso. I would defer to him. I do not see an issue with the naso and blue tang getting along. I have a blond naso (280g tank - love this fish) who eats from my hand and will be adding a blue hippo without compatibility concerns.

I believe the pinkface wrasse can be aggressive - I would stay away. There are many beautiful peaceful wrasses so it depends on preference. Check Fosters and Smith for other ideas. My personal favorite that I have in my tank is a Lineatus but again opinions may vary.

I dont see an issue with the clownfish but what type? Some like the maroon can be more aggressive.

Best of luck

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I would post in "check out your fish purchases here" at the top of the page. On a side note I would not put much stock in that inch rule. Some fish are very agressive and there are just some that do not get on well with others. Some may be smaller but need some room to swim while others are larger and kind of hang out in one place. Alot more needs to be taken into account other than the inches of fish. just my 2 cents.


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I have a 300 gallon 72x36x27 L W H and was told that a 12 inch Blonde Naso Tang would be to big for my tank along with a pair of crosshatch triggers a red sea sohal and an archilles.

To my knowlege they need a longer tank when they get that big. Not that I will listen :lol2: