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Is there any way for me to get a nen. I sort have looked at a bta. I have a 30 with 130 watts pc ( i know its not the best but i cant afford a new system). It is one of those orbit 24". i have only one mj1200 for now and a hob skilter with the built in protein skimmer. i have around 25-30 pounds of lr and about 1.5" of sand and the tank has been up and running for about8 months i think.i have a pair of cinnamon clowns that miss having a home. i had bought a bleached (VERY badly) under the impression that it was a white one before i knew that they weren't white and it never came back so i want to try again. something that is pretty hardy and not to much money.

E.J. Coral

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If you can cover your powerhead and cover the intake to the HOB, I would say go for it. Try to get a clone BTA...