Possibly for sale 72" coralife aqualight pro 3x150 HQI


In Memoriam
i am looking to maybe sell my coralife 72" aqualight pro. i just bought this 2 weeks ago but am thinking of building a canopy and retor fitting my lighting. it has 3x150 10k HQI bulbs, 4 96w actinics, and 4 blue lunar moonlights. i would be asking $750+ shipping. price is somewhat negotible but being so new and what they cost me i cant go much lower. thanx for looking- Tony
if you have any questions feel free to pm. if you need shipping quotes my zip is 52001 and package weight would be right around 55-60lbs. if you would like to see actinic and moolight shots just give me your email address because i dont feel likr resizing all of them then adding them to my gallery.