possum wrasse knocks himself silly


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hey all, I was sitting in the dining room when I heard a slight thunk from my Nuvo 16 aquarium. I looked over and my possum wrasse was getting buffeted around by the currents when he had been perfectly fine minutes before. I had just fed him probably about 10 minutes before this. I am fairly sure he jumped and rammmed into the glass cover. He was still alive (still is) but getting blown all over the aquarium. I caught him easily and placed him in a tupperware container of tank water. O didn't want the crabs to hrab him while he was out of it...taking advantage of him for a quick meal. He has been in the container about 10 minutes. He is very lethargically swimming around...very unusual for him. Do you all think he will recover from his accident or did he possibly give himself internal injuries maybe head injuries. He doesn't show any abrasions but his head does look strange almost like it js bruised. I'd hate to lose him. He is my favorite fish and is actually very personable for the usually shy possum wrasses.


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Mine used to do this on my 125's center brace. They usually recovered after a little bit of alone time in the rocks. Maybe a net top would be a good idea instead of the glass?
Good luck your fish