Post Corals for BBQ/Auction here.


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Please use this forum for only posting corals for the BBQ/Auction. I would like to stay on topic and get a feel of how many corals will be coming. It will also help at time of auction if we want to pull up pictures of corals.

Sorry to everyone who as already posted corals and pic's on the other thread.

Thanks for all of your support.


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well i have some goolden hammer i can frag if anyone is interseted in seeing that there? or some kryptonite candy cane?


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ok in just a week and I think this is going to be my frags







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ORA Ponape Birdsnest x 4,
Rainbow birdsnest x 3,
Jedi Mind Trick Monti x 3,
Alien Eye Chalice x 2,
ORA Orange Digi Monti x 2,
ORA Blue Tip Stag x 2,
Green Base, Blue Tip Acro x 2,
ORA Setosa Monti x 3,
Blue Acro x 3,
Purple Tip Acro x 3,
Green Acro with blue polyps and yellow tip x 1,
ORA Red Planet X 1,
Red Acro x 2,
Green Acro x 1,
Maroon Acro x 1


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WWC Toxic Pie Chalice x 3,
ORA Joe the Coral x 5,
Wild Blue Acro x 2,
Wild Red Tabling Acro x 2,
Wild yellow tabling coral x 2,
Green slimer x 2,
Brown Milli x 1,
Red Acro x 2,
Rainbow thick birdsnest x 1,
ORA Green birdsnest x 1,
Yellow Bottlebrush x 2,
Purple tip stag x 1


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ORA Green Birdsnest x 4,
ORA Purple Stylophora x 1,
Not shown ---
Red monti large frags x 6-7,
Green Monti x 2,
Purple monti x 1,
Encrusting Blue monti x1


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orange skirt zoa AKA chewie's redheaded step child (because they are named they are worth 1,000,000 a polyp :)

Blue shrooms


Purple blue shrooms

Finger leather



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Crappy pic of my gold tip galaxea

Red and green favites

Eagle eye zoa and green monti

Whammin watermelons and eagle eye combo

Green encrusting monti
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Frags from the Brown Clan

Frags from the Brown Clan

Here are some pics of the frags and colonies they came from.

multicolor rhodactis
bali green slimer
acan rotundoflora
rainbow acan echinata
blastomussa merletti
tyree neon toadstool
miami hurricane chalice
suset fungia
palau nepthia



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Great frags. My family can't understand why I'm excited about a frag swap. Oh well.

No one that is not into saltwater will ever understand. I got so upset when I had a fully stocked 300 gallon reef and visitors would just walk by it like it was not even there :uzi:


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It looks like I can make it to the meet after all. Here are some photos of what I'll bring (well, frags off of those mother colonies).
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="pipe organ photo pipe_organ_zps6420328b.jpg"/></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="bird's nest photo SPS_zps82736ffa.jpg"/></a>
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="frogspawn photo Frog_zpsfa5caf76.jpg"/></a>

Also, some very fluorescent green hydrophora, pulsating xenia.

I've pretty much eradicated aiptasia but am still fighting hair algae. This could be a problem for the pipe organ because of their hard shells. I'm bringing the cleanest pieces. You be the judge.
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