post pictures of tanks TODAY

Reef Bass

colors and textures
"I'll show you mine if you show me yours". :lol2:

Tank is very dark now. Will grab a shot when lights are on and post in the next 24 hours.

My tank and corals are looking as good as they have in some time. Easier sps (Montis and Stylos) doing well. I just picked up a wee ultra pink milli to see if I can keep that furry.

Favorite coral currently: rainbow branching hammer.

Reef Bass

colors and textures
Hmm. I haven't tried a PNG. I would assume it could be uploaded using the postcard icon / Image button on the toolbar right above where one enters the text for a post.

I apologize for not uploading a photo yet. Got freakin busy with life and a water change. Fish are supposed to arrive today from LA (not the city) but I didn't receive any shipment confirmation. Grrrrrr. Not a fan of their new "we'll text you" system when one tries to call.

Maybe when I'm NOT acclimating fish today I can take a pic or two...


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500g, 6’x5’ acrylic, mostly softies…approx 5 yrs old, and about to be moved 30 miles to my new home.B7B8CAFC-5176-4990-93D3-D2DEE1E0F3C9.jpeg