Potters Angel Died


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I got my Potters Angelfish Valentines day14th He was doing so good. Eating exploring. Today the 16th i found him dead. I noticed he was agrivating my White Sebae Anemone. Is it possible the anemone hurt the fish? Then again when i got him at the LPS alot of the fish there were not for sale due to sickness i'm assuming that was ich.

Any advice?

Hattie B

hi mccarty30.

Its really hard to say.. There could be a number of things. Maybe he was not the healithest of fish when you got him.

Parametes were different and it caused to much stress, maybe a bacterial infection?

Sorry you lost him, if you buy from the same store again, try using a QT.. You don't want any other fish to introduce anything into your main tank.

I personally, do not think that your sebea had anything to do with it.