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I've been trying to capture a sharp image of the moment that a smasher (O. scyllarus) makes contact when striking a snail. When I started, I had not idea how hard this would be. The entire strke takes about 2 msec, but the duration of the contact is more like 0.1 msec. My camera fires roughly every 150 msec so even if a strike occurs during a burst of shots, the chances of catching the impact are not good. I've photographed over 100 strikes and this is the closest I've come to catching the moment. Actually it is the closest I've come after an impact. I can't tell how close I'm before the impact because the movement of the dactyl is so fleeting.



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Amazing I would love to get a more active mantis and probbly will in a few more years when Gobler(chirgara) dies.


Kool :D

Got to love the frustration of filming & photographing these animals xD...

But I also believe its part of the challenge or passion, I know 1 of my very first videos was a well captured spearer strike in High Speed and that is what kicked me into the whole High Speed world ASSUMING at the time I could easily catch what I just did but ever since then I have only ever caught the same quality once....the rest are either entirely missed, or half begin no end or no begin half end...


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Poor snail, yet another model of yours near death.

Beautiful work! I actually really like the coloration of that O. scyllarus.