Powder blue with white spots

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So i bought a powder blue tang about a month ago to take care of an algae problem i had. And he has been doing great, he ate all of the algae in the tank and i am now giving him sheets of nori as a supplement which he loves as well. And probably over the last week he has gotten little white spots all over him like he is fuzzy. And it almost seems to come and go. So i don't know if it would be ick or if it may be something else, but he is still eating great. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
Well i just got myself a hippo tang a few days ago and Mine has gotta 2 or 3 spots I've been told that it could be ick or just scratched himself on a rock or something. I just keep adding garlic to his food and they go away with in a few hours after i notice... Do you have a cleaner shrimp or fish? Mine has gotten cleaned a bunch and picks at the spots.

Anyways Best of luck,



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Did the white spots look like this? I'm trying to figure out why my tang has white spots. A picture would be helpful. I just posted a thread to get some help with my hippo.



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my tang has ich. white spots, I saw them2 weeks after i got it. it eats well but has now spread to my clowns. taking all my fish and treating this evening. chech the ichy hear on the newbie forum