Power filter for QT tank?


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I need to buy some kind of power filter to use on a QT tank I am setting up. I have seen a couple of cheap HOB filters (~$20), and then pricier canister filters ($50). I don't even know what I should be looking for in these... I know it is a good idea to prep the QT filter by leaving a filter media in the sump of my main tank in between uses, so my only thought is to look for a filter that uses a media that would be suitable for that.

At the moment the tank I'll use for QT is 10 gallons, but that seems pretty tiny even just for QT (I'll be getting some big fish), so I may want to replace that with a 20-gal or larger at some point. Nonetheless, I imagine it doesn't need to be a super-powerful filter for the relatively small volume.

Any recommendations?
There is no need for anything fancy. The HOB power filters that you can find at Walmart is good enough for QT. They have ones rated at 20-40 gallons. You can easily take out its carbon pouch and sponge and place them into your sump between uses.
Any HOB filter should be okay. I am currently using a small (~120GPH) HOB filter with seeded floss from my refugium in a 10G QT tank for my new black & white clowns.

Remember, if you place any filter media that you have used in a QT tank back into your main tank/sump you run the risk of contaminating your main system. Just throw it out after each use. I keep filter media in my refugium so I am ready at any time to set up a QT/hospital tank.
I use a HOB filter for my QT. I also keep some biomedia in a mesh bag in the sump until I'm ready to use it. I also perform lots of water changes in the QT, so the water is pretty darned clean.
AquaClear side filters work great. They use a sponge insert that is cheap and can be kept in your sump until needed.
I use the aquaclears on my 10 and 20 gal. QT tanks. Models 20 and 30. They work great.
Just keep a sponge in your sump and throw it away after each use. I guess you could clean it but they're so cheap I just buy 'em.
I run biowheel filters on my quarantine tanks with good success. To get them cheap, print the prices at Petsmart's web site and buy from the local store - they'll price match. A small one for a 10g tank is <$20.