power head in a sump?


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woud it be worth it to put a ph in my sump, most likey the area that will be the fuge? does it have any pros or is it just point less?


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Of course! The more water flow the better, for aeration, circulation, particulate removal ect. As you may settled organics contribute to algal growth, from phosphate and nitrate rising.


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IME refugiums do much better with higher flow in the fuge. Helps keep the chaeto from collecting crap too.

I have two MJ 900's in my 25g refugium as well as the drain for the tank, about 800 gph total. Couldn't be happier.


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I've got a Koralia 2 in my fuge and the cheato doubles in size every week. This is compared to how it would just sit on the bottom and barely grow before. Another tip to help cheato grow better is to rip it up into small pieces. This gives more ends for the strings of algae to grow from and leads to faster, heavier growth.