power head problem


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One of the wet sides on my vortechs has had a problem. The shaft does not spin properly and is loose and wobbles. The other one I have is nice and tight with no wobble and spins fine. I popped the back cover off and the magnet is clearly swollen on one side and the housing where the shaft goes through seems to have worn bigger from being out of balance.

I bought them January 25th 2008 so I'm concerned about getting this taken care of before the warranty expires. I am leaving town today for work for a week, I will have my Blackberry with me but service will be spotty. I will call on Monday but if I don't have service hopefully this post will get the ball rolling till I get a hold of you.

Here is a pic of the magnet and the housing where the shaft goes through.




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Thanks Tim, I,m just on a boat up near Alakska on the BC coast and using my Blackberry. I sent a email like you said.

Sorry for the unusual post.