power on and off for 6000/7095


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Hey Roger,

One final question- I have my streams positioned so that when I am doing water changes they will likely draw some air . I would like to avoid this, so what is the best way to disable the streams? Can I just remove the system from the power supply? If so, do I need to wait a while to restart? I know there has been a lot of discussion on using streams on wavemakers, and how they need a 1 hour "cool down" before restar, but does this also apply if the unit is running on the 7095? I considered just using the feed button, but I think it would be longer than 8-10 minutes before I refilled. So my ultimate question is, can I disconnect and reconnect power to the 7095/6000 setup without harm to the system?

Now- regading Flash Gordon- I'm not sure I could call that a serious movie. Don't get me wrong- phenomenal movie, but flying bird men, and Timothy Dalton in pre-James Bond Peter Pan outfit- you gotta laugh.


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You can unplug them, the time limits mainly apply to the 6060 and 6080 because they rely on a mechanical system to get them spinning in the right direction, the 6000, 6100 and 6200 use an electronic system and because of that they don't have the wear and tear from start and stop.