Power outage and the Apex controller...


So, no more tempting fate! With this last snow storm and the threat of losing power it's time for me to make a real plan to keep things going in my reef tank so it doesn't crash.
I thought I was ok because I have a portable generator to keep things going in the house and tank. But I believe I read somewhere just recently NOT to run the Apex controller on generator power. Am I correct?
What do you all do to keep things going while on generator power using the Apex?
Have you run the Apex on generator power without problems?
I want to prepare for the future...no more keeping my fingers crossed we don't lose power! :fun5:



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I hadn't heard that before. If it's a concern though you could get a high VA UPS to plug it into which would filter the power and protect the apex from any issues with the generator supplying bad power.


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I'm not positive but I believe there are different wave pattern generators can put out. Certain waves aren't good for electronics like laptops.
Check your generators manual. If it's good enough to run a laptop. I'm sure it will handle an apex


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Referring to sine wave. Most of the newer generators are ok with electronics, but if it's your prize 70" LCD tv, I would make sure all is well. In fact the new Generacs at Lowes are geared to household use whereas in the past they were for job sites. The hurricanes and snow storms helped push this along. I ran my apex for two weeks straight on my generator along with the rest of the house. Tvs fridges etc.


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I to have run mine countless hours without issue. I would suggest buy a quality Gen and not something from Harbor Freight.