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I've lost two power supplies in the last year. These were on 6055's controlled by a 7095. Both times it happened when I had to remove the pumps for cleaning. Clean them and the pump won't start back up because of the power supply. Question is, is there a correct way to power down these pumps? Just unplug then disconnect from the controller and power supply? I think both times I hit the feed timer and then unplugged. Seems strange that both supplies went bad when unplugged and then plugged in again. Maybe that's the high stress moment? Thanks for any help, don't want to put out another $45+.


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My best guess is the power supplies succumbed to age and nothing more. They last about 4 years. The only other killers or life shortening issues will be heat above 80F, humidity above 70% (basically don't stack them with ballasts and other hot things and don't close them up in an unventilated cabinet). Otherwise the key is to keep the pump clean, it is a 18W pump and a 30W power supply, if the pump is jammed by calcium build up or debris, this frequently strikes when they are powered down because they are badly jammed up but since they were moving, they can keep moving. Trying to start from zero with a bunch of calcium deposits on the shaft, etc, will peak the power supply to 30+W and it will blow a fuse and burn out, the fuse is soldered in and not replaceable. At least every 6 months, the pump should be fully disassembled and soaked in 50/50 vinegar and water until no calcium deposits are visible.