Powerhead issues


Exactly...make sure the powerhead is low enough in the tank so that the air inlet on the top is below the surface.

If there is a small air line sticking out of the top take it off as well.

hopefully that is the reason...otherwise take a pic of the powehead itself and we'll see what's going on.


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lol i am such a noob. It had an air line sticking out of the top out of the tank with a manual regulator on it. I just figured this needed to be sticking out of the tank. That would be the cause of the air bubbles.

Why would these have this air tube sticking out of the top?
In FW tanks, it is common to use powerheads with venturi adapters (that airhose thing) to aerate the water. It's a problem in marine tanks since saltwater holds bubbles much longer. In a FW tank, they just float right to the surface and dissipate instead of blowing all over.


see that ddaddy2420....one more thing you know from now on!

Everyone does that kind of stuff starting out. You are on your way now.