Powerhead question


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I Have a 35 gal tank and i have 2 maxijet 1200's (one on each side blowing towards the middle at the top of my tank) and i find its creating too much turbulance. My gravel moves a little and the poor bristle starfish that was on my liverock was hanging on for dear life. People tell me that 1 is not enough flow and that 2 would be perfect and maybe even 3 would be good (3 would probably turn my tank into a whirlpool:p) So is this much current normal in a tank or is there a way to tone it down a bit (either turn one off, aim them a different way or add the nozzle attatchment (the flat one) so the bottom of my tank doesnt get disturbed too much.


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What are the dimensions of your tank? If the tank isn't very long maybe you would be better off with smaller maxijet pumps, like the 400 or 600.