Powerhead Recommendation Needed

Itchy Trigger

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Getting back into the fish keeping hobby after being away for a few years. Setting up a 75g, which will be freshwater. I still have some Kessil LEDs and would like to get some nice shimmer going so I'm thinking of picking up a small powerhead just for surface agitation. I will have a couple of canister filters on the tank, but I think a powerhead will do a better job of making those big burbling ripples that create nice shimmer...

So... In the past I've used big fancy pumps like Vortechs, but for this, I think something small and inexpensive would do the trick nicely. I just want this for causing nice wavy rippling surface agitation. No need for it to push 3000gph or anything. And I want it to be as small an unobtrusive as possible. What's the smallest, most reliable circulation pump that would do a bang up job in this situation?


Team RC
Welcome back, I would look into the Jebao pumps, they work great read the reviews to make sure you get the correct size.


You are welcome. If you look on BRS,
there's another popular powerhead that uses the exact same housing...bet it's the same company making both.