Powerhead ??????


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I have a 95 pentagon corner. I have 2 Koralla Evolution 1050gph powerheads now. I am having a hard time getting the flow to go where I want it. Im thinking about getting a Mp 40. My questions is will the Mp 40 get the movement everywhere? Then I can use the Koralla to supplement? All the vids I see the Mp 40 moves a ton of water and seems it moves everything in the tank.....as long as the Mp isnt to small.


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Vortech pumps are great for getting water movement everywhere. I think you'd be plenty happy with it. A lot of people use a single Vortech and supplement them with static pumps. If you're willing to bite the bullet and get two MP40's, they will serve you very well.


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I am sure what your tank dimensions are, but that will help better understand if the Vortec is right for you. I have an MP40 and it really cool like the other Vortec products but it does have its limitations. The MP40 will not move water past 3 feet in any direction I have seen including my tank.

Great pump though and really cool options if your with in the 3 feet guideline.