Powers Out!!! its not just our house either! AHHH! WHAT DO I DO!! hELP


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the power went out, i have a laptop so i have an hours battery charge on it.

the neighbors are out and so is the street light.

how long can my tanks last w/out power? (40 gallon acrylic, 23 gallon glass, 18 gallon glass, 8 gallon glass) and if the power is out longer than what is safe then does any one have a generator? (i live in carmichael) my dad does but he is at work and he works in the delta.

i don't know how long this will last. how long do generators run? if this is gonna be a long thing (we had no power for 3 days once before i had tanks when a drunk hit a pole) then is some one willing to hold onto my fish and corals for me?

i'm freaked!

i iwill come back to see if any one has replied as i need to turn this off to save the battery.


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beep! goes the microwave! powers back! i love how that thing beeps when it comes back on, helped alot when i kept blowing the fuze w/my 30+ lava lamps!

but what if it had gone out?

we should make some kind of powerouttage relief group....


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At Walmart go to the fishing section [sports] and get a bait bucket battery-powered bubbler for each of your tanks. Two or more for a really big one. This will keep things alive.

Another thing you can do [and should!] for your computers is get UPS systems, if you live in a region with spikey electricity---it's hard on the equipment. An Uninterruptible Power Source can be had at CompUSA, and you have to plug it in a day before it will work. YOu plug the computer into that and you have a power conditioner that sends power along to your computer, while continually recharging itself. If power goes, it can run your computer quite a while. AND it can run an ordinary airpump connected to a lot of small airlines with potent bubblers---which can save your bacon if you're in a longish outage. The tanks can live longer without light and skimming than without air.


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Petco has really cheap battery powered air pumps that work great also. They are something like $8 each and last for about 24hrs.


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Yup - some Darwin award candidate hit a power pole at Walnut and Robertson.

The power was off for less than an hour but it was enough incentive to finally go buy a generator for just those types of things.


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THe power has been going off alot lately, Mine went off a few days ago, I dont know how long I wasnt home, but everything was blinking 12:00 and my FW filters were not working.