Pre-drilled tank but siliconed. Advice?


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Hi, I'm looking for a tank with an overflow box and there's one that came up.

6ft tank with no overflow box but the owner said it has been drilled but he siliconed it to seal it up.

What do you guys think? Stay away?

If holes are drilled correctly, can I remove the silicone and install an overflow with that?

If holes are drilled wrongly, what do you think?



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There shouldn't be an issue with a silicon patch (assuming it was installed properly), I removed my internal overflow box and patched the holes in the bottom of my tank when I installed a ghost overflow box. Yes you can safely remove the patch as long as you don't cut the silicone holding the tank together.


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Just had a look at the tank today.

What do you think of these 2 things:
1. 2 holes drilled at the bottom + another 2 close holes (look closely). Can this be turn into an overflow box? Any thing I need to be worried about here?

2. Painted glass at the back. Would removing the paint at the glass scratch the glass?


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