Pre-Made LED lights for Refugiums


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Has anyone ever tried using any of these to grow macros in their Refugiums?

35 Watt Floodlight.

20 Watt Floodlight.

11 Watt Floodlight.

I know they are all made in the same factory probably, but these Everlast lights tended to have the highest average reviews of all the ones I found on Amazon. I just ordered the 3 above and they are now in a trial phase we will see how they do. One thing is for sure they are bright. I have the 35 Watt over one refugium and the 11 Watt actually ended up going over a ten gallon planted tank. The 20 watt I am going to attempt to use with an ATS I dont think it will have enough red in the light though.

I have had really really great success with this bulb below. I had to pretty much empty out the whole refugium every other week everything was growing super fast with around 12 hours on each day.


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You can find these same lights on ebay with red/blue grow light multichip. That would be better for a refugium. I've seen a few waterfall ATS's using the 20W version.