Precision Marine is an amazing company!


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I gotta tell you guys my quick version of the story of my skimmer and my experience with Precision Marine. I ordered a skimmer the XL 2 Precision Marine skimmer from a reefer in New York that had used it for only a few months. So I paid extra to have it insured and I glad I did. I got he package about a month ago from Fed-Ex and the box was torn up bad and of course the skimmer cup was broken in a few places. I went thought the claims process with FED-Ex, which was horrible. But eventually they cut me a check. In the mean time I contacted the company and they fixed the cup for only $25, this thing was broken in 4 places. The replaced all the broken pieces and acrylic welded it back together as new.
They sent it back to me for no extra charge via UPS. I got the knock on the door and the ups driver said “you may want to open this”! The box was trashed again…oh no…the cup was broken in different places again!!! I wanted to scream at the driver but I knew it was not her fault. So I rejected the package so that UPS would send it back to precision marine for free. I contacted the company again and they fixed it for free and mailed it back to me for free and I am supposed to get the cup in the mail today. I hope it is not broken this time. But I have never had better customer service from a company ever…not even Wal-Mart! I’ll show you guys pictures when this thing is running…it is a 3 foot tall skimmer!!! yeah

see you all at the meeting.

PS-I am getting my wavebox in the mail today feels like christmas!


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Shane good to hear that there are good companies at times like these. I had bought a Koralia Powerhead from a Craigslist ad and when I got it home it made an anoying scraping sound. I checked it out then requested the schematics from the company and they sent them the same day. When I found out the problem was a small bushing I called to see how much. Not only did they send me the bushing for free they sent me 2 of them on a new impeller as well. I easily replaced the whole thing at once and vowed to by more from them in the future. I could see doing that if I had bought it new but they did it anyways. I think I have since bought 3 more from them. Good service = my buisiness. Plus they have a Distributor in Sacramento. :)