Precision Marine Redline Break in Time


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About two weeks ago I upgraded my tank. I transfered all the live stock and rock over as well as about 20 gallons of old water. In the new tank was new sand and water, it was set up for a week prior to transition, by the way it is a 60 gal cube. Transfer went great, but the skimmer is not pulling any skimmate yet The skimmer was brand new and is a Redline rl100. I called precision marine and they said it is still breaking in. I did some water tests today and everything is 0, ca is 380, alk is 7.5, salinity is 1.025. Looking for any input, suggestions or experience with these skimmers. Not to worried yet, not until NO2, NO3, or PO4 start to rise. All corals and fish are excellent. Many thanks!


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well to reduce break in time run your skimmer in white vinegar for an hour or even more, it will help significantly. tho you may just not be having enough to pull