Precision Marine RFCa4 Calcium Reactor and a 200 gallon system


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I am interested if many of you are running the Precision Marine RFCa4 Calcium Reactor (4" reactor tube) on a 200 gallon system. I had been planning to go with a GEO 618 for my new 215 gallon SPS tank, but a Precision Marine became available locally here. It holds significantly less media with the 4" tube compared to the GEO 6" tube, both are 18" tall and I know that means more frequent refills. Question is, running a 200 gallon system, does this mean twice as many changes, or just every 3 months instead of every four months.

So I am looking for reports of:
1. Satisfaction with the Precision Marine RFCa4 Calcium Reactor (reverse flow design)
2. Number of people running this reactor on a 200 or so gallon tank
3. Number of refills per year with either a GEO 618 or this PM reactor.

Thanks for your help.



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Okay, no word from users...can I ask for opinions of current users of this model regardless of tank size? How often do you replenish the media?


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I have that reactor and love it, very well built. I can't say how often you need to refill I just got mine going about 2 weeks ago.