Preparing for a Zoanthid Garden, a million questions!!!


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Well, after a 16 year hiatus I have decided to try again my luck in the saltwater world...

Used to have a beautiful +-75 gallon reef tank at my parents house back on college, now that I live on my own between physical space available and budget I'm aiming to something more modest... nano reef size modest!

Specifically I want to setup a zoa garden, I have been searching for AIO aquariums and there are two that I have added to the growing list of parts needed.

I really like the Waterbox 20 Cube, nice clean design, good reviews and a modest price, and I saw too the NUVO Fusion 40 Pro, double the price tag compared with the waterbox but double the capacity and still can be fit on the planned space at the house!

Common sense point to the 40 gallon one, I could make a bigger garden with more zoanthids and bigger volumen means a wider tolerance when it comes to chemistry of the water parameters.

Wallet sense points to the 20 gallon taking in consideration that it's not only the cost of the aquarium but the lights (one vs two AI Prime 16HD LED Light depending of 20 or 40 gallons), test equipment, accessories like ATO system and protein skimmer if needed, live rock, live sand, chemicals, stand, etc!!!

I will like to hear from you guys that have more experience your opinions on this, pros and cons of picking one vs the other for someone almost new to the hobby.