Problems but nothing too worry about


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I had ordered some livestock adn it was delivered friday morning. I am always excited to open my early "christmas gifts. This time was not as great as the first order I had made about a year ago. I am missing a long tenticle anemone and it is showing on the packing list but not in any bags since everything was packed in seperate bags. I had two maroon clowns not looking to well on arrival and followed the acclamation procedures to a T. They seemed to be "lazy" at first sinking to the bottom and lying on their sides. I then gave them about 2 hours and moved them to my QT. Same results. All my trates, trites, ammo, ph are well within limits. Now it is the weekend and they are closed. I hope they see this and respond cuz my emails have not been responded to. I love ordering from this site and will do so again but I would like to get a responce as to what I can do to get my anemone and replace my 2 clowns which have since passed away on me.:(
Thanks a million, Josh